Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! I’m not that excited about it. I’m just making it sound that way. I wish I was still there with my cousins, life sucks at home.
So, I do have a million pictures, 443 to be precise though. So what now? I’l post some every week until one of you yells at me or I get bored, Im sure one of those two will happen soon. I did take a lot of pictures but since I’m so smart and all, instead of using my sister digital camera I used my married sister camcorder that also works as a digi-cam so the pictures dint turn out that great BUT if you saw them as thumbnails like I did when I was taking them, you’d think they’re gorgeous just like me.

Ok so the pictures, you know what, I don’t care if you are excited about the pictures or not, I so totally am. Screw you bleeeh

This is the view from my bedroom, nice no? I thought so too.

I’m a foodie, so this was my brkfast, 3 large pancakes and a box of hashbrowns later, along with me were my very non-hungry sisters, it did cost us a fortune though.

Then we went to the metro, yelled at each other, had some fist fights among ourselves for no good reason and took some pictures and got onto the train to see the arch. This is the St Louis arch from the metro tunnel or whatever it’s called.

Then came some random walking downtown and then some good old drinking and thai food. My pictures of food include some chicken (dead ofcourse) so if you’re a veggie then you take lite, don’t lecture me about killing animals and stuff.

Enough no now? You got bored no? yeah? No? bleh

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ok so Im bored which is why Im posting twice a day, I acutally considered posting every hour too,oh I know you cant get enough of my typos and stuff, cmon admit it.

So Im here to help out my friend/fellow blogger Sita.

If you dont know what Im talking about go read her blog but I know you people are lazy as hell and I wont try to bug you, so being the nice person that I am i'l tell you.

So we have a crisis. The "we" here includes almost everyone I know and Chickoo (a friend of ours who handls fights real well who decided to disappear) Its no that we cant control this but we need her input. Now let me tell you a little about this Chickoo person, she has a knack for disappering whe shes wanted the most. She goes to Bombay every summer and doesnt call anyone up. So here we are dying to get in touch with her. While my friend sita just made a post on her blog that just says that Chickoo should call her up if she reads it but I would like to take a step further and say IF you currently reside in Bombay please go around screaming her name and if someone answers then ask her to call sita asap.

OK I've lost it, I had nothing to do so I figured I'l post besides I was inspired after seeing Sitas post. I promise I wont post till I come back :)

So thats where I'l be staying for the next 5 days, dont get scared if I dont reply to your comments, I wont be dead. Although the odds of me getting stoned and dying are extremely high, so if I dont reply to any comments within a week then worry, not like you care anyway.

So I will be staying at Radisson, its better than Holiday Inn which was proposed by my sister earlier and I was very close to killing her.

Wogie, I love you guys dont forget me.
I'l post a million pictures when I get back *glee*

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

PLEASE, I am begging you. READ THIS.

Karan Thapar: One way forward would be to increase the total number of seats.
Arjun Singh: Yes, definitely.

Karan Thapar: But the problem is that, as the Times of India points out, we are talking of an increase of perhaps as much as 53 per cent. Given the constraints you have in terms
of faculty and infrastructure, won't that order of increase dilute the quality of education?
Arjun Singh: I would only make one humble request, don't go by The Times of India and The Hindustan Times about faculty and infrastructure, because they are trying to focus on an argument which they have made.

Karan Thapar: All right, I will not go by The Times of India, let me instead go by Sukhdev Thorat, the Chairman of the UGC. He points out that today, at higher education levels - that is all universities, IITs and IIMs - there is already a 1.2 lakh vacancy number. Forty per cent of these are in teaching staff, which the IIT faculty themselves point out that they have shortages of up to 30 per cent. Given those two constraint, can you increase the number of seats?
Arjun Singh: That can be addressed and that shortage can be taken care of.

Karan Thapar: But it can't be taken care of in one swoop, it will take several years to do it.
Arjun Singh: I don't know whether it can be taken care of straightway or in stages, that is a subject to be decided.

Karan Thapar: Let me ask you bluntly, if you were to agree to compensate for reservations for OBCs by increasing the number of seats, would that increase happen at one go, or would it be staggered over a period of two-three or four year old process.
Arjun Singh: As I told you, it is an issue that I cannot comment upon at this moment because that is under examination.

Karan Thapar: So, it may happen in one go and it may happen in a series of several years.
Arjun Singh: I can't speculate on that because that is not something on which I am free to speak on today.

Karan Thapar: Will the reservation for OBCs, whatever figure your Committee decides on, will it happen in one go, or will it slowly be introduced in stages?
Arjun Singh: That also I cannot say because, as I told you, all these issues are under consideration.

Karan Thapar: Which means that everything that is of germane interest to the people concerned is at the moment 'under consideration' and the government is not able to give any satisfaction to the students who are deeply concerned.
Arjun Singh: That is not the point. The government knows what to do and it will do what is needed.

Karan Thapar: But if the government knows what to do, why won't you tell me what the government wants to do?
Arjun Singh: Because unless the decision is taken, I cannot tell you.

Karan Thapar: But you can share with me as the minister what you are thinking.
Arjun Singh: No.

Karan Thapar: So, in other words, we are manitaining a veil of secrecy and the very people who are concerned...
Arjun Singh: I am not maintaining a veil of secrecy. I am only telling you what propriety allows me to tell you.

Karan Thapar: Propriety does not allow you to share with the people who are protesting on the streets what you are thinking of?
Arjun Singh: I don't think that that can happen all the time.

Karan Thapar: But there are people who feel that their lives and their futures are at stake and they are undertaking fasts until death.
Arjun Singh: It is being hyped up, I don't want to go into that.

Karan Thapar: Do you have no sympathy for them?
Arjun Singh: I have every sympathy.

Karan Thapar: But you say it is being hyped up.
Arjun Singh: Yes, it is hyped up.

Karan Thapar: So, then, what sympathy are you showing?
Arjun Singh: I am showing sympathy to them and not to those who are hyping it up.

Karan Thapar: For seven weeks, they have been protesting in the hot sun. No minister has gone there to appease them, to allay their concerns, to express sympathy for them. Have politicians let the young people of India down?
Arjun Singh: Well, I myself called them. They all came in this very room.

Karan Thapar: But you are the only one.
Arjun Singh: You are accusing me only. No one else is being accused.

Karan Thapar: What about the Government of India? Has the Government of India failed to respond adequately?
Arjun Singh: From the Government of India also, the Defence Minister met them.

Karan Thapar: Only recently.
Arjun Singh: That is something because everyone was busy with the elections.

Karan Thapar: For seven weeks no one met them.
Arjun Singh: No, but we are very concerned. Certainly, all of us resent the kind of force that was used. I condemned it the very first day it happened.

Karan Thapar: All right, Mr Arjun Singh. We have reached the end of this interview. Thank you very much for speaking on the subject.

Someone please explain him to me. Is it just me or is this mentally unstable moron the biggest loser known to mankind. PLEASE someone go kill him, he’s wasting the oxygen on this planet. Whose brilliant idea was it to bring him to this planet? Kill his parents first (i.e. if they are still alive after giving birth to and raising the biggest wimp EVER)

GO read the whole thing at

Monday, May 22, 2006

Im bored

I was having a shitty day today. I walked into work and this black lady I work with said " Its so hot in here, did you turn up the heat?" and I said "nooo, dint you realize that I just walked in?"

If your not laughing then go die somewhere, she laughed for like 10mins.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Please go ahead and sign this

If you dont want to sign it then you dont have to come back here, ever again.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Shashi- This word was invented by a friend of mine.
Since most of you read my blog on regular basis and I’m writing often this summer, I think its imperative that you understand the true meaning of ‘shashi’ because that will help me write better than I am now.

For starters, Any man/woman/girl/boy (or whatever) can be called a shashi, to emphasize that the shashi I could be referring to, I would say

Shashi Kanth for a boy and Shashi Kala for a girl, but normally I’d just say Shashi.

I will now give you several different examples of shashi.

How would someone qualify to be a shashi?

First day of college, you walk into your class and you look at the boys and girls (since I had to go sit on the girls side) I walked by the first, second, third, fourth row and sat on the fifth bench next to short&stinky. She introduced herself and so did I. As the class progressed I realized that I shouldn’t be sitting next to her because- She had a cold (I don’t have anything against sick people but) she took out her little kleenex or tissue paper or whatever the hell its called and blew her nose into it making a loud obnoxious noise (now I don’t mind this either,you gotta do what you gotta do, but) then she carefully retracted the stuffing in her nose out and opened her tissue paper and started into the green stuff. I was dangerously close to throwing up.---This would be an excellent example of a ‘shashi’

(2) You meet people all the time (unless you’re a sociopath and you prefer interacting online than in person which make kinda pathetic) and sometimes you are forced to speak in English although you are sure that the other person has no knowledge whatsoever. How a person speaks in English can be a very effective tool to identify a ‘shashi’

--- Normal people say Pants= while shahis say fants (this person can be considered shashi inside out)

---Governament (Gov-ment) = gov-ar-na-ment (Cmon which school are you from?)

---social=shoshal (I felt like slapping the girls who said that.)

---your=youver (learn shashi learn )

Well there are millions more but you get the point.

(3) How a person dresses also helps identify a shashi clearly. Now, your going to a freaking pub, how about letting go of those pre historic great grandmothers gold anklets eh?

(4) I’m not entirely sure how to identify if a guy is shashi at all times but I can definitely point a shashi among girls.

---When you see a girl wearing Wooden heels of ANY kind, gentlemen, you’ve got yourself a shashi.

--If you see a girl with 2 pony tails (on a regular basis) -------*drum rolls* shashi

--If you see a girl with oiled hair in your classroom------------shashi

--If you see a girl with oiled hair and you think theres nothing wrong with the coconut oil stink coming out of her and filling in the classroom then you my dear dear friend are qualified to be a shashi yourself!

-- If you see a girl driving a luna (I don’t know that exactly its called)------shashi

--If you see a girl in half-saree in your college on regular college days----I will bet my life on it that she’ll qualify as a shashi.

Now Im hoping ‘shasi’ has gotten through to you. If you’ve read this whole post and thought that I’m talking crap and all this doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is some what geeky/shashi then You are undoubtedly qualified to become a ‘lalli’ which happened to be a notch above a shashi.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My holiday of 4 days starts in about 8 days, I cant wait to get out of this stupid place.
I am however excited about seeing Da vinci code this thrusday.

I got up today morning and switched on NDTV, I prefer NDTV (dramatic 24X7) to CNN (constant negative news)

BREAKING NEWS: Da Vinci code release to be delayed (or something like that, I dont wanna be sued for not using the exact words)

The Vatican city wont allow or something.

The whole world is conspiring against me having fun


meanwhile look at this picture

EDIT: I did want to ask you guys this one question.

NOTE: The following paragraph is relevant to Da Vinci Code, so if you havent read it yet and you intend to read it and all dont read the rest of it, its highly likely that you'd want to kill me, so dont read.
go away shu shu

I just had one question.

Do you guys thinks children of Jesus are still alive today?
Just wanted to know what people thought.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Im scared
There I said it, Im so scared, Im very very very fuckeduply scared.
You know how your throat aches when you cry endlessly and your throat swells up and then theres' a point when you want to just cut it and throw it away, thats how my throat feels right now. For the record I havent cried at all, does that mean Im allergic to something new now?

Im scared, im so fucking scared, I dont know who to talk to about this, I tried talking but it just makes me more scared, cause all I hear people saying is "its ok" " you'l figure it out" I dont know if i will figure something out, I dont want to people telling me that it wil be ok, I want this felling out of me, I cant live with this hanging around me trying to strangle me to death. Im so scared, Im scared, Im scared, Im scared I keep saying that but this feeling in my neck wont go away. If the paper you read tomorrow has headlines that says "girl suicides because she found her neck did annoying things" then dont laugh, cause thats me.

And I'd like tulips for my funeral please.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This happened last sunday and well I have nothing to write and since crapper wont stop writing shit I decided I should move on.

I was at my cousin's soccer practice and he was in there with the his coach trying to learn how to use his feet instead of his hands inorder to play some good old soccer in the mean time there was another kid behind me holding onto his dad's hand like it was his life, and this is how the conversation went:

son: I dont wannna go
dad: why?
son: I dont know
dad: do you wanna go home?
son: yeah
dad: well if we go home now we'r not coming back next week either
son: i wanna go home to mommy
dad: so u dont wanna play soccer?
dad: do you wanna play football? your too small for football now.
son: i wanna go home I dont wanna play
dad: u dont wanna play soccer?
son: no
dad: do u wanna be a cheerleader then?
son: uh uh * walk into the feild with the cutest pout i've ever seen before"

How can parents be so manipulative?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm crushing on a guy right now, the first day of class, when I saw him, he looked Italian and I have a thing for people who look unlike Indian, dont ask. He looks too good to be true and then I decided well I should atleast talk to him and i DID. We were going to do an accounting project together (something about me and accounting) a month long project. We got together sevral times and well it was fun, he has a weird accent which was all the more reason for me to BELIVE that he was Italian/french/british I dont know something. I finally asked him, where do you come from, in the most adorable accent ever and with those beautiful eyes he looked at me and said Iran. Oh!

Then I though well not French, not Italian, not British but Irani, uh ok, I can settle for an Irani right! He could be fun, then the more we got to know each other, the more weirder he got and it has nothing to do with him being Irani just so you know. He's into soccer and hes in the vine bussiness. Who the hell is into vine bussiness anyway? His passion according to his college profile is to make vine I couldnt help but ask him if he was retarded,to which he smiled and said I dont know my famiy is into it and I am too. Well they probably make some damn good vine i suppose. I still cant understand how a guy who looks that good can be interested in vine, beyond me, totally.

Needless to say I'm no longer crushing on the weird vine liking hot guy with a very very very good body. Damn what a waste of skin.

EDIT: the previous post has been deleted.
note to self: dont post when mad!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Introduction of people who Im going to talk about in this little incident that took place a couple of days ago in school during finals week.

blondy= typical bonde girl, boyfrnd, car, attitude, shes got everything going for her.

redhead= slightly weird, with a weirder boyfriend (the first time I saw him I wanted to say ' oh honey you can do so much better than him' OUT LOUD, and NOOO i did not for the record.

messenger= This guy in our class who looks fine but well not much to say about him cause I never spoke to him, hes just this guy in my class type guy he is.

old dude= he spoke to blondy and me once, may be twice, lets say mid 40s, in my accounting class, sits in front of us, I dont even remember his name.

Indian guy: well kinda hot, came here a couple of years ago from Bangalore, not much about him, he smokes, its kind of a turnoff, I dont like people who smoke.

This happend the day I had to make an A in my accounting exam so I could go ahead and make a decent grade for the semester. Yes, it wasnt pretty, and yes I did not make an A in accounting, its almost like unethical to get a proper acceptable grade in accounting, its like the whole world is against it, why ? I have no bloody clue.

So yeah, I had accounting in say another hour and we 'the very blonde girls' were studying in the lobby. It was me blondy and redhead. I dont wanna give any names out, what if they read my blog, it wont be pretty.

So, blondy went downstairs with this Indian guy I knew for a smoke (cause you cant smoke in the building with central air conditioning for people who dint know why)

So, me and redhead were busy trying to figure out why our amounts were balancing, when this guy lets just call him 'messenger' (you'l know why pretty soon) decided to sit next to us and constantly smile like he was high on crack or whatever. We decided to ignore him and continued to rack out little dumb brains and a couple of mins later blondy and the Indian guy came back up to our table. Blondy was kinda hyper because of which we got hyper too, and she said " hey guys do you remember that old guy who sits in front of us during accounting" me and redhead looked at each other with and responded with a nod. Well guess what the 'messenger' whose sitting next to you just told me and indianguy that that old dude asked him to give me a message.
After which me and redhead gave blondy a look that said 'well, uh, yeah, then uh, whats the bloody message'

so the old dude's message from messsenger was "Ask blondy to go to room 105, tell her theres something there for her"

SO THIS HUGE group of 4 people headed by the Indian guy for protections if he trys to do soemthing to blondy we went hunting for room 105 because we had no idea where it was.we searched the whole 1st floor and we couldnt find it. Suddenly the Indianguy looked at all 3 of us pointed to a door and said girls this is it, now the next seen was in slow motion, 3 heads turns and then jaws dropped then came the ewwws. It was the mens restroom.

We tried to push the Indianguy in there so that he could check and tell what on earth could be waiting there for blondy but he said ' hell Im not going in there'

We were slightly dissapointed but we went back to our table and it was hard to concentrate on principles of accounting after that but before we could resume our pointless exam review 'messnger' interrupted us and said well what did you see? to which blondy responded by saying nothing, its the mens restroom hell I dont wanna see anything in there. 'messenger' appeared confused, he said " nah, it cant be the mens restroom let me go see" after a while he came back and that oldguy said room 107 and not room 105 and he had screwed up.

So there we were again searching for room 107 and we found it, it was the student office, there lied a flowers for her. Tulips.

Yes, we dint exactly study after that, yes my grade went down the drain and yes she did not take the flowers because of what messenger said when he met blondy after the exam.

'messenger' got hold of blondy a while later when the gang wasnt around her and said " you know, I dont think you should talk to him even if he gets in touch with you, cause, he apprently has some mental problems"

Monday, May 01, 2006

A friend of mine just called me up and told me that she just won tickets to the premier of Da vinci code. I get to watch it on May 18th, before the rest of the world drags their sorry arses to the theater on May 19th. You unlucky people can watch it a day later.

I'm pouting like a 2nd grade bitch right now.

but yaaaaaaaaaaay to me
Im super excited, Im hyper ventilating. wait this word cant be used appropriately here right? oh well who gives a shit, i get to watch da vinvi code

p.s: my little secret, da vinci code the 3rd novel I ever read.