Tuesday, June 27, 2006


spain lost
USA lost
ghana lost

everytime i supported a team they lose. what is the point of watching a game when the damn team you support never wins??

Im going to support Germany this friday, they bloody better win.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I stole this picture off the internet.

Sure seems comfortable to have the way lit.

I wish my way was lit too.
I wish I dint have to worry about walking in the dark.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ok, So this sucks. I had a horrid day. Actually that would be an understatement.

I got up early hoping I’d get to work early but as I got up, I looked at the book I tried finishing last night and I said “fuck it” I’m finishing it now and with my droopy eyes I sat on the floor leaning against the bed, I finished reading one of the most fun books ever.

At 9:30 as I went downstairs, hungry, I was ushered into the car with just a fat free Strawberry smoothie in hand so that we would avoid being late for the doctor’s appointment just this one time. Im gonna kill the person who stocked it in my fridge, it taste terrible.I finished my utterly disgusting breakfast and we reached the Hospital after which we went to a million more places and I wanted to die at 3 o’clock when we finally decided that it was enough for the day. We got back home. WE realized that we need to fill up the car with gas for the next day so it was obviously me who had to go to a gas station and fill it up.

I stood there half dead and wanting to jump into the swimming pool after I go home when I realized my feet are wet. Haaa you would like to think that I had the petrol nozzle all wrong and ended pouring petrol all over my legs, wouldn’t you??? BUT no, I don’t fucking know what I stepped into. I sat there staring at a pool of liquid that looked transparent. Is that petrol? If it is then why is it not evaporating? Why is it just sitting there on the floor and on my toes just shinning in the sun? I’m panicking now, What if it’s dog pee? Worse what if it’s cat pee? EWW

I’m disgusted, just then I hear that thing beep and I’m done with the gas and I get out of the gas station half engrossed in my own thoughts. I skip a red light and I do million other things wrong, for all I know the surveillance camera could have caught me breaking the signal and I could have a $500 ticket waiting for me in the mail tomorrow.

And to top it off I had the worst possible mangoes ever, just an hour ago, they taste awful. I’ve never had anything that tasted any worse.

Yeah, I think I’m don’t for the day.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reading the book

I did something stupid. I asked my dad to send me books. I tried reading them. I honestly did and every time I open them I decide that I’ll atleast try and read a significant amount so I could atleast talk to him about it when he calls but I have so many more interesting fun books that philosophy doesn’t completely appeal to me. He mails me almost everyday and we speak atleast twice a week, we rarely run out of topics but sometimes we do and he’s suddenly asking me how I found that book he sent last month. Oh GOD I know im going to have to read it one of these days and Im going to hell otherwise.

Just to make sure I don’t forget about it, I left it right next to my bed, every morning when I wake up, I see that book staring at me like a puppy on a chilly December morning, begging me to take it into my arms and cover it with my blanky. Damn that book. Did anyone read Fountain Head – Ayn Rand??? Can you tell me something about it??? Something that makes it sound like I read it and all….

Why do I keep getting myself into there things??? uggggh

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bacon-- YUCK

Im bored.

I mean you always get bored right, as in once in a while. I have a lot of stuff to do yet I find myself getting bored. Yesterday I sat in front of the television for 8 hours, there were a million nice movies playing and yet I got BORED. Then I decided there is no point sitting in front of the idiot box so I called up a friend of mine and turns out she was getting bored too. Although both of us were swamped with work, we some how found the time to get bored on a gorgeous Saturday night.

So, we the smart and extremely bored decided to figure out why we were exceptionally bored. An hour later we just came to a conclusion that we have nothing to look forward to in life so we are bored. Right now, I could care less if we were even right or not. I hung up on her an hour later and found myself drinking coffee at 9:30 in the night, what kind of a bored idiot drinks coffee close to bed time? My kind, apparently.

I tried to watch tv again, nothing happened. I heard the phone ring and with some serious hopes of being rescued from boredom I ran to pick it up before the machine could take. It was dad, he spoke to me for a bit and he had to run too so he left me bored all over again. Then I tried reading a book that sucked big time-so at 11:30 I saw myself looking into the mirror wanting to kill someone, DAMN.

Then I went downstairs sat in front of the television, I finally found myself watching Fools Rush in for the nth time. At 1’o clock the movie ended and again I was sliding into boredom when I switched to Food Network. I saw “Iron Chef America” for one full hour when they cooked different kinds of bacon (pig fat) and hell I don’t even eat bacon. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

P.S: I’m still BORED!!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Me and Sita have this very nice lovey dovey relationship. WE abuse the living hell out of each other. Most people think girls don’t use bad words-why katte?

This is how we usually say things.

Me : bah why arent u online
Me : whore
Me : did u die or what?
Me : are you online or what whore
Me : come online

Sita : when the fuck dya come online re whore
Sita : bloody mind blowing news i have boleto ur never there
Sita : thoo

Me : where are u re whore
Me : death to u
Me : what u wanted to tell
Me : now i hyper u can tell no
Me : im excited and nothings going on in my life
Me : chi chi
Me : what kind of a friend are u
Me : chi chi thu thu
Me : ok ma tata

Me : abey oh motherchooth why dint u call?
Me : i waited for your motherfucking call
Me : death to YOU
Me : yeah thats gonna kill u
Me : btw i have my drivers license
Me : can u belive it
Me : i actually passed the damn thing
Me : fuuuuuuuucccccccck
Me : wogie ma ddeath to u again
Me : tata

Me : xx-|
Me : u will DIE DIE DIE

Wogie, so well its me doing the yelling most of the time, she doesn’t so much cause may be- she doesn’t love me or shes lazy. If you don’t think shes lazy then wait, I forgot my point.

Oh well either way, im bored, your bored which is why your reading this bullsheeet.
Wogie doggie, im cho very mother bored u have no very idea at wall.


Monday, June 12, 2006

And then we turned one last time.

The following incident took place sometime during the month of July last summer in India.

I decided that I should take a programming course since I suck at it. My class was filled with a ridiculous amount of shashis so I preferred to not talk to any of them and as time passed they were convinced that I was this proud bitch so it all worked out fine. I was the odd one out since I was the only one wearing a jeans and a t-shirt instead of salwars with dupattas and fake charminar accessories.

So this one very fine morning, I was on my way to class and there is this place that looks something like a railway tunnel on a smaller and cleaner scale that I had to go through. So there I was, walking through it to go into the building and there was someone coming out of it. I couldn’t see this guys face but he looked vaguely familiar. As I was trying to figure, my phone went off and by the time I picked up, answered and hung up the guy was past me and I couldn’t look at him, so just before he could go into the sun I turned around to see and JUSt then he turned around to look at me---the hindi filmi moment happened just then where the hero and heroin turn back one last time to look at each other before they go their separate ways.

The minute I saw him, I knew exactly who he was- he was one of the shashis from my class. Fucking shit, I had my first ever filmi moments with a shashi from my computer class-life sucks!

I remembered this sad episode because I was watching a Hindi movie with a similar scene and I wanted to die.

Photo Diary number 5

Amish people---chek'em outtt!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Its official, I have dust allergies. I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning the first floor of my house and ended up sneezing until half my eyes decided to pop out. I still have to finish the basement and the first floor. Good luck to me. If you see me not completely dead next time, please do NOT forget to congratulate my organs for recovering from all that sneezing.
So lately I’ve been telling cos theta that I’d make a nice little post about my little incident that took place in the American Consulate-Chennai.
I was just looking for the copy of the interview that I had written down somewhere but as it turns out I don’t have one. I don’t remember deleting it but honestly I don’t feel like writing the whole thing down right now but I promised cos theta and now she’ll be furious if I don’t so I will.

SO this was July 16th 2004 —I think.
Dad and I flew into Madras a day earlier and I still remember we ate at a restaurant that served some excellent Malaysian cuisine, I’d show you pictures but I don’t have any. We went back to our hotel and the next day had breakfast (still no pictures) and then we were at the American Consulate well ahead of time. I went into the building with all the panicked half dead wanna-goto-america-to-do-something-with-my-life people.
Once you go in, you have to go past a security check point where they’d check if you are contemplating killing the CIA Agents in there. Once they confirm that you are not a terrorist and that you are not going to plant a bomb killing half of Chennai they’ll contemplate letting you in.
Then you are at the second phase where they pull out all your documents, your I-20, your passport, photographs, your GRE/SAT scores (or whatever applicable) and all the other documents that are relevant to the Visa you’re applying. All of that will be put in a folder and number put on the folder will be the precise number given to you. Mine was 434 (I think) and I was given a yellow folder which is apparently a VIP folder because of which I was made to wait a good effin 3 hours before I was subjected to my interview.
While I’m at it let me tell you about how careless I was. I took passport size pictures for my interview. And apparently I was stupid enough to take pictures of the wrong size, so I got kicked out of the Consulate, I had to go across the street, take pictures and come back within 30mins after which I got back inside, cut through the line and went straight to the interview room (if you could call it that) So I would suggest you pay some attention to details, like the size of the photograph requested.

I waited for my interview for 3 fucking hours after which I was in a state where I didn’t even care if I got the damn visa. Finally I heard my number and went to a window, where he asked me a bunch of stupid questions. And he blabbered something to me, smiled and asked me to go.
After which I smiled and then I wondered weather I had a visa or not, because I understood what he said throughout the interview but in the end when he smiled and asked me leave I drew blanks, I didn’t understand a word he spoke. I just smiled and left WITHOUT my passport. Which means that he should’ve kept my passport so it could be stamped and sent back home, RIGHT?
After getting out of that damned building there was some kissing and hugging and celebration after which I told dad I wasn’t sure if I had the visa. Bottom line is if they kept your passport then your getting your visa BUT BUT BUT I’m special. I already had a valid visiting visa which was valid for 5yrs, so dad and I sat dumb struck trying to figure out if he kept my passport to give me a student visa or to cancel the existing valid visiting visa.
If your visa was rejected then they’d give you a paper with the date stamped on it and the reason for rejecting you on the basis of a Potential Immigrant or whatever. So we looked at the file I had taken inside and searched if he had given me a rejection paper and I had some how missed it, but we found none so we decided to take comfort from it and just wait for the passport to get home. I got the passport a couple of days later and obviously my visa was there.
So here’s what I have to say to people who might be applying for a visa and for some really insane reason reading my blog.
1—Get the right type of photos
2—Don’t panic.
3—Watch a lot of English movies if your week in catching the American accent.
4—Dress comfortable, I wore a jeans and a t-shirt. The last thing you wanna worry about there is how you look. Just look good and feel comfortable. It will be slightly cool inside, take a jacket along if you don’t find it cold then just leave it on your chair while you go meet the horrible person whose gonna interview you. Take my word for it, no one would be interested in stealing you’re jacket, even if it’s GUCCI.
5—This is the most important one, make sure you greet that guy, something semi casual. A good morning or a smiley hi would be nice.
If any of you have questions I’ll answer them but I’d have to charge you a couple hundred dollars.

Photo Diary entry 3 (or was it 4?)
These were the stairs we had to take to go down to the train/tram that we had to take to go to the top of the arch. These stairs remind me of this horrible movie called “The Texas Chainsaw massacre”

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Yes, Yes I know that looks like a toilet seat and my sister asked me why I took a picture of the toilet seat. It’s the tram that you’d have to sit in on your way up. That little box which could make a claustrophobe die will seat 5 people. 2 on either sides of the chair that looks like a toilet seat.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Im bloody moving katte

I came across the most shashi blog I've ever read just a few mins ago. I would love to link it here and have some fun but I wouldnt want that guy finding out and stuff.

So whats going on in my life? Nothing, bloody NOTHING at all, Im so very very bored that Im at a point where I'm sleeping 12 hours a day and reading 2 books a week. Im sure thats common for some of you but not for me.

Did I say that I was buying a digicam? I dont remember, Anyway I was gonna buy one for myself, but since Im an idiot I went around telling people that I would and eventually somebody had to talk me out of it. Now Im supposed to be buying one during the Thanksgiving sale or something. Who gives a shit? Im sure I'l change my mind by then anyway.


Im apprently moving, I dont know where. New York or Colorado- apprenly the most expected places, In a years time, I'l be moving. I wanna go to someplace nice, Im not sure where.

Im not interested in going to Colorado, which is where Id be going most likely. I wanna go some place where I wouldnt have to worry about anything. I should go back to India. screw enginerring, Im going back to india and getting wasted everyday!

As promised more pictures of the food i ate. This was my lunch when I was at the St Louis Arch. More chicken!

On second thoughts may be you guys are better off without me owning a digi cam, I'd be torturing you gusy with the food I ate all the bloody time.