Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dig a hole

The radio interview with Kevin Weeks the author of Brutal. He is a part of an Irish mob and once he got out the mob or whatever he wrote a book and Im reading it right now so I'l tell you more when I finish.

radio guy: So Kevis bla bla bla
KEvin: bla bla bla

Now this part is the part worth writing about. Its not word to word so dont sue me.

radio guy: So how many murders were you involved in?
Kevin: 5 murders.

radio guy: so how do you go about killing people, is there a procedure you follow or you just go around shooting people?
kevin: no we do follow a procedure. First after we get a name and adress of the person to be killed we go dig a hole and put the dirt in duffle bags. Once we kill the person we just dump the guy into the hole and throw the dirt out of the duffle bags onto the dead body. We dont waste too much time digging and again pushing the dirt around. And sometimes we squeeze a lemon/citrus on the body so that it decays faster but you gotta be careful with the kinda lemon your using cause if you use the wrong kind you might just mummify the body and you DONT want that.

TIME OUT. seiously are you human Mr Kevin Weeks? I do hope he never reads this blog :-p for all I know there could be some nice conversations starters like where would you like hole to be dug?


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